KHG - Extended Hours


EXTENDED HOURS – A performance series in three acts.

Kleine Humboldt Galerie invites three young female artists from Berlin to show their performances in the historic buildings of the Albrecht Daniel Thaer Institute and the Tieranatomisches Theater on Friday evenings during June and July 2023.

As a series, Extended Hours brings together three independent performances by the artists Lottie Sebes, Selin Davasse, and Elena Francalanci. After hours, the abandoned university buildings develop into sites for new, alternative knowledge practices. In the void, possibilities emerge: Embodied, narrative and sound-based expressions respond to the buildings in multi-sensory and exploratory ways. The artists make audible the histories embedded in the sites and invite both technical and animal voices to speak. Their interventions open up feminist narratives and explore the dimensions of silence.

Time becomes an individual sensation rather than a standardized unit, while the shared experience creates collectivity. Extended Hours provides a framework in which these potentials can reverberate and visitors can linger.

Further information and program: KHG – EXTENDED HOURS

KHG - Extended Hours
KHG – Extended Hours – Graphic © Ida Kauter