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inherit – heritage in transformation

inherit – heritage in transformation

inherit – heritage in transformation – is a new Centre for Advanced Study (Käte Hamburger Kolleg) that addresses historical, contemporary and possible future transformations in heritage. Funded by the BMBF, inherit is a dynamic community comprised of a core team of researchers, administrative and support staff, together with scholars, artists and heritage practitioners from across the world who come each year to the Humboldt-Universität for stays of between six and twelve months.

Working across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, inherit seeks to develop innovative scholarly and creative approaches, shaping novel ways of thinking and doing heritage.
How at different times and places are relations between past, present and future understood, performed and materialized? In what ways do global and local transformations reshape what is seen as valuable to keep for the future? What are the social, political and environmental potentials of changing understandings and forms of heritage?

Addressing key questions about the roles of heritage and its capacity to bring about wider social, political and environmental transformation, the work of inherit is structured in relation to three major, interrelated currents:

  • The decentring of the West
  • The decentring the human
  • The transformation of value

The nature and consequences of these will be explored through inherit’s innovative programmes of research and practice, including new forms of artistic research. Committed to high level and innovative knowledge exchange, inherit will also work with the HZK, including its object and exhibition spaces (the Object Lab, the Humboldt Lab and the Tieranatomisches Theater) and the University collections.

Eva Ehninger & Sharon Macdonald

Irene Hilden


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