Invitation HZK Colloquium on September 10., 2021, 2 p.m. , online

The next colloquium of the HZK will take place on September 6, 2021 at 2 pm and all interested parties are cordially invited!
The event will be held virtually.
Access data for the videoconference is available upon request by email to oliver.zauzig@hu-berlin.de.

“News on the giraffe’s long neck: collection- and image-based research in the field of comparative zoology”.

Professor of comparative zoology and head of the Zoological Teaching Collection at Humboldt Universität John Nyakatura will present the integrative approach in comparative zoology and functional morphology using the example of a recently published study on the evolution of the fascinatingly long necks of giraffes. Various imaging techniques as well as modelling approaches adopted from engineering sciences are used. However, the basis for this research is the “archives of biodiversity” in the form of the large scientific collections, but also the countless smaller, often university collections in an increasingly networked world.

Information on the Zoological Teaching Collection in the Scientific Collections Portal: https://portal.wissenschaftliche-sammlungen.de/SciCollection/1323