Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik

Zentralinstitut der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

BUA X-Student Research Group ‘Queering the Museum’

Jiaying Gao – The Tales of Veils

This performative installation aims to challenge the static nature of object display within ethnological museums and reevaluate the way audiences interact with cultural artifacts. By embracing movement, performance, critical voices, and alternative forms of knowledge, it seeks to deconstruct a traditional model of museal display. My work questions the fixed

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Aria Tilove – Querying the Queer: Post-it Note Provocations

As part of my master’s thesis, my project interprets a queering strategy implemented by the museum. From June to September 2023, I conducted field research by attending the Ethnologisches Museum’s guided tour Beyond the Norm: A queer look at gender and sexuality in the ethnological collection, analyzing the tour’s formative

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Karina Belik & Polina Shablovskaia – “Mapping Connections: Exploring Contexts and Reflecting in the Humboldt Forum’s space”

Stumbling upon unhelpful information on individual museumized objects-subjects and their diminishing classification within the museum space, we propose an alternative: Our project endeavours to illuminate an intricate web of relations among various elements – so-called “objects”, wall texts, art interventions, media tools etc. – exhibited in the Humboldt Forum, and

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Sophie Breßler and Liza Fokina – S H A R D S

A castle standing next to museum island with a vast collection of objects is submerged in water one day. What is left? Unfortunately—nothing, except for a metaphor. What happens when the idea of producing “non-word-units” meets the guiding metaphor of shard? The notion of ‘shard’ is used in our collaborative

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Andreas Rumpf – Discussion Atmospheres

The institution of the ethnological museum is being heavily scrutinized in current discourse in Germany. The audio tour Discussion Atmospheres features different kinds of conversations about colonialism, ethnological museums, and racism in the museum. It does so not in the sense of proposing a new curatorial program but in the

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Christian Beltran – The Child Besides You

The Child Beside You deals with the handling and representation of so-called museum artefacts by queering the established form of presentation. Instead of asking the audience to draw their attention to a collection of artefacts, the focus is directed to one object: a child mannequin. A video work is projected

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Alessia Oesing & Emilia Gentis – Barrier

Possible relations within the museum context are sheer infinite. Analyzing how vitrines, light, space, sound, materials, barriers, signs and all the other inanimate and animate elements interact, revealed an unwritten rule book on how to act, perceive and shape museums for guests as well as staff, artists and all other

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