Invitation HZK Colloquium on April 12, 2021, 4 p.m., online.

The next colloquium of the HZK will take place on April 12, 2021 at 4 pm and all interested parties are cordially invited!
The event will be held digitally and in English.
Access data for the videoconference can be obtained on request by e-mail from

Sonja Breiding will present on her research in the field of “Natural History Investigation Methods in Cultural Heritage Research”.

Many different disciplines are involved in dealing with our cultural heritage. Each of them works on its own subfield. However, if a preservationist, an art historian and a physicist exchange ideas about terms such as ‘image’ or ‘materiality’ for the first time, ambiguities may arise. The words are used differently in the disciplines and have a different meaning.
How does this happen? Where does one’s own field of research begin in an interdisciplinary collaboration? What distinguishes art-technological from natural-scientific investigations? Is an investigation scientific, even if it is conducted by non-scientists?
These and other questions are posed by the different disciplines in practice, interacting together with different methods, ideas and competences.
The dissertation “On the Genesis of Image Archaeometry – Natural Science Investigations and Imaging Techniques in the Arts Sciences” seeks to define the position of the field of natural science analytics in cultural heritage research.
The lecture deals with the influence of natural scientific investigation methods on cultural heritage research.