Sound Archive: Relocation to the Humboldt Forum

In 2022, the Sound Archive is to move completely into the Humboldt Forum as the only university collection of the Humboldt Universität. Alongside the Humboldt Labor as a flexible exhibition and event venue, it will thus form the HU’s second pillar in the Humboldt Forum.

The plan is to set up a research center that will provide a variety of access points to the recordings. Of course, the integration of the Sound Archive into teaching is to be continued and the collection will continue to be available for external activities.

The Phonogrammarchiv of the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin, which is connected to the Sound Archive through the recording activities of the Phonographic Commission in prisoner-of-war camps of the First World War, will also find its new home in the Humboldt Forum. It will thus be much easier in the future to relate the holdings of the Sound Archive and the Ethnological Museum to each other in research, teaching and cultural activities.

No separate public presentation area is planned for the Sound Archive. Rather, it is planned to cooperate with the exhibition of the State of Berlin in the Humboldt Forum as well as with the ethnomusicology exhibition area of the Ethnological Museum.