The Tieranatomisches Theater will remain closed (after 12.3.2021)

Dear visitors of the Tieranatomisches Theater,

with the relaxation of the Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz) announced at the beginning of March 2021, cultural institutions are gradually reopening to the public. We too are eagerly awaiting the relaunch of our exhibition and event programme, and we deeply miss your presence.

So why does the TA T remain closed?

As an institution of the Humboldt-Universität, we are subject to the rules agreed between the Berlin Senate Chancellery for Science and Research (Senatskanzlei für Wissenschaft und Forschung) and Berlin’s universities. This means that work at Humboldt-Universität will continue under limited conditions and our properties will not be accessible to the public. I would like to emphasise that we are not hiding behind this decision, but are fully committed to it. There are several reasons for this. The scientific assessment of the course of the pandemic has so far been very correct with forecasts and there are many indications that the fact-based warnings from the scientific community against too rapid relaxation are absolutely justified. In this situation, it is still appropriate to wait with reopening – for the protection of staff and the public. Don’t get me wrong: I believe that the cultural sector and the public engagement it facilitates with science, among other things, are indispensable to life and of systemic importance. A closure of the institutions is an economic catastrophe for many people who make a living from it – and much better political measures are needed here, but also solidarity from all of us. However, closed museums, theatres and clubs are not the end of culture. Instead, we must use this time to develop other forms of mediation and encounter that will be important in the future. This is exactly what we, like many other institutions, are doing behind the scenes right now.
When we open the TA T for you again in spring or summer, there will not be visible changes in the building, but we will also be more present online with guided tours and events. This will require personnel, financial and technical changes and, not least, curatorial innovations. The first steps can already be seen. Linked on the TA T homepage, you will find the virtual “TA Tour” developed by the Cluster of Excellence “Matters of Activity” – an augmented reality experience of the historic building. On Instagram, we offer live, short tours of special details of the building and exhibitions that have otherwise remained hidden. So I am pleased that we will be able to share our work with you in various ways in the future.

Kind regards, Yours

Felix Sattler
Head TA T, Curator