One master thesis, two bachelor theses on Lautarchiv-related subjects in 2023

In 2023, three students successfully completed their master’s or bachelor’s degree with a thesis on a Lautarchiv-related topic.

At Aarhus University, Nikoline Jørgensen has completed a master’s thesis in the Department of Comparative Literature (Prof. Marianne Ping Huang) on ​​the topic ‘A decolonial universal museum? A reading of metamuseal stories of decoloniality at Berlin’s Humboldt Forum’. Nikoline completed a three-month internship at the Lautarchiv the previous year.

Paula Zwolenski successfully completed her bachelor’s degree in Cultural Theory and History at Humboldt University of Berlin (Prof. Christian Kassung) with a thesis on the topic of ‘Sensitive sound recordings from the archive. Attempts at communication and self-location in the audio recordings of the Indian prisoner of war Baldeo Singh’.

Sophie Ehmke successfully completed her bachelor’s degree in Transcultural Musicology at the Humboldt University of Berlin (Prof. Sebastian Klotz) with a thesis on the topic ‘The postcolonial handling of the prisoner of war recordings from the First World War in the Berlin Lautarchiv’.


All three works may be read on site in the archive’s reference library upon request/appointment. Nikoline Jørgensen’s work is currently only available in Danish (Et decolonialt universelt museum? – En læsning af metamuseale fortællinger om decolonialitet på Berlins Humboldt Forum).

Please contact the head of the Sound Archiv, Dr. Christopher Li.