Time is What you Make of it

Time for knowledge exchange with society: Open Humboldt Freiräume funds 2 professors and 1 postdoc

The Open Humboldt Freiräume funding line is based at the HZK since summer 2023. The funded projects and researchers of the current call for proposals of the Open Humboldt Freiräume funding line have now been selected. The Open Humboldt Circle of Experts has made a funding recommendation for three applications. The university management has followed this recommendation and will fund the following projects in the summer semester 2024 and winter semester 2024/2025:

  • Prof. Dr Gökce Yurdakul, Faculty of Cultural, Social and Educational Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences, Berlin Institute for Empirical Integration and Migration Research (BIM);
    Project: Intersectional Politics: Civil Society Organisations of Immigrants and their Commitment to Refugee Women and Children from Ukraine (INTERSECT) (summer semester 2024)
  • Prof. Dr iur. Gregor Bachmann, LL.M., Faculty of Law;
    Project: Dresscode: Legal dress for civil society (WS 2024/25)
  • Dr Mats Küssner, Faculty of Cultural, Social and Educational Sciences, Institute of Musicology and Media Studies;
    Project: Live Music meets Augmented Reality: Enriching the aesthetic processes of the concert experience with digital technologies (WS 2024/25)

For more information on the funded projects, please visit the Open Humboldt Freiräume website: https://open-humboldt.de/de/projects/open-humboldt-freiraeume/die-freiraeume-preistraeger-innen-2024-2025

The next call for applications will be launched in the summer 2024. The funded researchers will each receive a teaching reduction to 0 SWS for the summer semester 2025 or winter semester 2025/26. The funding line is financed by the Berlin University Alliance.

Time is What you Make of it – Foto © Matthias Heyde