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Carla Lois


Guest Professor Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung
Phone: 030 2093-12892
Email: carla.lois@hu-berlin.de

Carla Lois was an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at the HZK since September 2019 till May 2020. Her project “The Cartographic. Cartographic Images, Space and Visual Thinking in Spatial Thought and Orientation Devices (19th and 20th centuries)” was hosted by Prof. Wolfgang Schäffner at the Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik.
She is an Independent Researcher at CONICET. She works as a Full Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and at the National University of La Plata in the areas of the history of geographical thought and cartography.
She coordinates the History and Epistemology Group of Cartography and Technical Images (FfyL, UBA), is the Editor-in-Chief of the series BRP Map History (Brill,) and co-editor of volume 5 in The History of Cartography Project) (University of Chicago Press).
In her research work, she is dedicated to the field of geography history and cartography, territorial history, visual culture and the link between images and scientific thought, and cartographic images. Among her books are “Mapas para la nación. Episodios en la historia de la cartografía argentina “(Biblos, 2014) and “Terrae Incognitae. Modos de pensar y mapear geografías desconocidas” (Eudeba, 2018).