Sciddle – The Science Riddle
Sciddle – The Science Riddle

Sciddle - The Science Riddle

While science is a closed book to many, it’s a game to others. In Sciddle, science becomes a game to all. Active researchers are given 30 seconds to explain central terms of their field in everyday language. Their explanations are brought to life by animations, helping the viewers to take part in Sciddle; racing against the clock to guess the scientific terms. With every word explained, the book of science is opened further, revealing its hidden pleasures.

Sciddle - The Science Riddle is a ludic film project, where basic theoretical concepts are clarified by the physicists in a puzzle-like way. The project leads to the development of an outreach playful video format for sciences and humanities, which may be used in a myriad of other scenarios. The project brings together film producers, cinematographers, illustrators, anthropologists and physicists.

Concept development: Anne Braun, Anne Dippel, Thomas Klose, Britta Kussin, Dennis Rätzel
Direction: Dennis Rätzel
Animation: Britta Kussin
Camera: Anne Braun
Production: Anne Dippel, Thomas Klose
Associate Producer: Exzellenzcluster BWG, HU Berlin/ DESY Hamburg

Anne Dippel
Interdisziplinäres Labor Alumni, Postdocs